Artist Statement

My work responds to philosophical questions by systematically dissecting, capturing, interrogating and translating thoughts and experiences through collage and by drawing in the expanded field. I’m interested in the processes behind thinking, observation, conceptual knowledge and how we respond to those things, and I feel we can move towards understanding and challenging our interpretations of reality through the acts of traditional and contemporary drawing. The rhizomatic nature of knowledge and understanding informs the development of my work, where the intellectual, sensual and material sits in relation to the concepts, subjects, media, contexts and surfaces explored within my participatory practice.

My previous work investigated the nature of reality and subjective perception, but my current exploration into the coast is influenced by environmental philosophy, with specific attention to the issues surrounding environmentalism, Deep Ecology, the aesthetic and intrinsic values of nature and eco-phenomenology. The most recent collection of work considers the tension between man’s recklessness and organic ecosystems, whilst celebrating the coastal aesthetic

Who are we in relation to the world around us?
How do we experience nature?
What roles do man and nature play, and how do they impact one another? .